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The Insurance Company has Offered Me Money. Do I Need a Lawyer?

It's always a good idea to have the advice of a professional when you're dealing with a professional on the other side. That's why we offer free consultations, so you, the consumer, won't have to face the insurance industry alone. Give us a call at 800-367-5298 for a free consultation.

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I was in an Accident and the Insurance Company Said I Couldn't Sue Because I Chose "Limited Tort". Can I do Anything?

Yes. If your injuries are severe, you still have the right to recover against the other driver. If the other driver was from out of state, or if the car you were in is owned by a company, or if the other driver was drunk, you have a right to recover regardless of the extent of your injuries even if you chose "limited tort".

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When a Member of Our Family was Killed, we Were too Numb to do Anything. Is it too Late?

If the death occurred less than two years ago, generally it's not too late to recover from the responsible parties. If the death happened outside of Pennsylvania, you may have more time. Call us now at 800-367-5298 to know your rights.

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Do I Have to Have a Permanent Problem to be Able to Make a Claim for my Injuries?

No. Depending upon the way you were hurt and the type of insurance involved, you don't have to be permanently injured to make a claim for your rights.

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If I'm not Successful, Will I get Stuck With a Bill for Costs or Your Fees?

Not with us. If we don't collect for you, you owe us nothing. If we are successful, we only get back the money we have advanced, without interest, and the fees you and we have agreed on in advance. It's that simple.

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